Introducing Ichabod Todd Sharing a vid by a composer whose music I’ve enjoyed transcribing for the past few weeks. Very charming compositions, intermediate level – not difficult to learn, but sound lovely. The link to the sheets I created for him is in the video description. Do check out his CDs too ok?

The “Piano Rake” – a great tool for beginners

Here’s another great tool for beginners (and anyone who needs help locating notes)! The Piano Rake© Created by Australian pianist Joe Bourke “A fantastic tool for accelerating the early stages of Piano studies; specifically note-reading and comprehension.” Made from durable silicone rubber and fits all pianos and keyboards 100% Refund Policy Check it out here: reading “The “Piano Rake” – a great tool for beginners”

New Piano App by JoyTunes

I was recently introduced to a pretty amazing (and FREE) piano app by JoyTunes. Check it out here: Just download it onto your iPhone or iPad, put it on your piano/keyboard music stand, and you’re set! No cables to buy or to connect. The app uses your phone/tablet’s mic to “listen” to you play. YouContinue reading “New Piano App by JoyTunes”

Online piano lessons – links

Found a lovely article about online piano lessons, for those of you who are trying to learn piano on your own or who are taking lessons and would like to improve your skills more quickly 🙂