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Welcome to Joyce Music, my website for sharing my YouTube piano covers and sheet music and MP3 for the transcriptions or arrangements that I make. I love teaching music, so you’ll also find tips on reading, writing and playing music. The sheets and MP3 are all free so that everyone can enjoy my music sheets, but donations are most welcome…they encourage me to keep spending the hours upon hours (8 – 10 for each cover) happily for you!

Please feel free to browse around and visit often. There will be updates pretty frequently  🙂

Here’s a list of things you can find/do around here:

1. new_blinkingNew gift idea! TRANSCRIPTION SERVICE:


Find posts on my YouTube covers and on various topics related to music at the Categories section on the right. For mobile devices (phones & tablets), it’ll be at the bottom of this page.


Browse and download sheets that I have transcribed at  Free Sheets/MP3. You’ll need to have a pdf reader in your PC or tablet. Install one on your PC  from here: Go to the App/Play Store from your tablet to find a suitable pdf reader (there are tons). Choose one which flips pages instead of scrolling them 😛

4. MP3 FILES – 

MP3 downloads are now available on most of my covers. You’ll find the links in the Music Sheets/MP3 page. They’ll take you to my Google Drive folder which contains the MP3 files.


Your comments and suggestions are most welcome. I’ll check out any songs you request, but no promises on ever being able to get to them, so sorry! To leave a comment on my posts, you will need to fill in at least your name. Otherwise, it will be considered as spam by WordPress.

6. FAQs pages –

I’ve answered some common questions that viewers have asked me. Feel free to comment and ask more questions ok? 🙂


If you love how I play and transcribe and would like to take lessons from me, and if you’re in the Klang Valley, Malaysia, do email me at to discuss it ok?


Follow me on Twitter and Like my Facebook page to get latest updates on my current projects and uploads. You’ll find links in the sidebars on the right.

Have fun!

For more info  About Me, click  here.

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  1. I was just wondering if you could simplify this music score for me:

    • You can actually simplify it just by playing only the melody notes (top part of the right hand) and the first 3 notes of the left hand. Leave out the other notes until you get better 😀

  2. what app do you use to play your music

    • It’s Musescore. I write my music using the Musescore software on my laptop, then save it online. Then I open it using the Musescore app on my tablet. It plays the score and turns pages for me. However, it only plays Musescore files, not pdf files. So you’ll have problems finding scores

  3. I was thrilled to find your sheets available for printing. dpc

  4. Hello. Today, I just watched your cover of ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman’ and ‘Love is an Open Door’. I love your cover very much and would like to learn the songs. Too bad I just found out that the sheets had been removed 😦
    I wonder if it’s still possible to get the sheets 😦

    Anyway, I always enjoy your covers. Please keep up the good work!

  5. Hey Joyce your stuff is really great, a really soulful version of ‘ Bridge over troubled water’ would the icing on the cake…keep it up I’ll be donating…!

  6. Hi! your covers and music sheet are awesome! I was wondering if you could do classic disney songs like beauty and the beast, I think your version of it would be great.

  7. Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for the great work and dedication! As with many musically less-inclined people, it has been a tough time finding sheet music that we can play to! Please keep it up! 🙂

  8. You are awesome. Before finding your music sheets, I had a hard time finding the sheet music for the songs that I want..All of them requires payment. Love your music sheets and will always check for updates! Keep it up! (:

  9. Hi! I have to tell you that I LOVE your sheets! I am a beginner, so it isn’t always easy for me to find sheets which I’m able to play. But with your arrangements, I can play songs I never though it will ever be possible for me. So I want to THANK YOU a lot! You´re great!
    Could you make a easier piano sheet for “Hello” by Adele? I’ve tried your version of it but it’s to difficult for me at the moment.

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