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I love receiving and responding to fan mail and since putting up my first cover in July 2012, have received many which i have treasured and have been much encouraged by them. I thank you all so very much for your praise, appreciation, suggestions, requests and support.

I thought it would be nice to share some of my favourite emails and comments here on the website. Of course I’ll keep all names anonymous, unless I’m given specific permission to reveal them. If you see your comment here and would rather it remain between the two of us, please let me know… I would totally understand and remove it without hesitation ok?

Please feel free to comment…and add to my favourite fanmail hehe! Oh yea…when you comment, do put something in the name box, otherwise wordpress treats it as spam :-p Thanks for reading my stuff 🙂

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1,232 Replies to “Fan Mail”

  1. As a pianist, I love playing arrangements that sound very much like the orchestral versions of the original…and so when i transcribe music for my covers, i try to do that too. To my pleasure, some fans have noticed that and are appreciative…but it does tend to make my arrangements a little challenging to learn, although, they are never impossible for an interested intermediate level student…. I’ve been ‘testing’ them on my students hehe!

    This comment came from one of my regular fans..
    You are really really good! I hope I can become this good in the future >_< I love the way you interpret the music on the piano… somehow it's just so very true to the original? I think this might be too hard for me lol, but I'll give it a shot 😀


  2. And this is another email from the same very dear fan who write beautifully encouraging emails! Thank you so much, my dear!

    dear joyce,how are you doing? hope everything is great with you 🙂 i see you’ve uploaded your cover of closer. its a beautiful ballad and i think you did an amazing job with it, as usual 🙂 im trying to learn in your eyes right now, and its by far the hardest of your sheets imo 😛 a few days ago i went to listen to your cover again, and it actually brought tears to my eyes because i hadn’t fully realized how gorgeous and rich it sounds before now. the way you brought onew’s voice to life through the piano is really amazing. im working hard to master it though, and hope i can play it half as well as you soon 🙂

    thank you once again for transcribing the OST of TTBY. im glad i emailed you even though the sheets are now available for download, because it was a really fun journey getting to know you and exchanging emails. to be honest, when i first heard your covers, i couldn’t differentiate between them and the others on youtube, but as i play more of your sheets, i appreciate your style and talent more and more and feel lucky that i have been able to play such beautiful transcriptions. they have really made a difference in my playing 🙂

    by the way, i noticed that your website is up. congratulations! it looks wonderful and well-organized, and im glad you won’t have to be so busy sending sheet music out individually from now on 🙂 im sure you will only continue to produce better and more beautiful covers in future and your channel and talent will reach new heights. thank you for all the hard work you have put into transcribing songs for people who can’t play by ear like me, even though you are not getting any payment in return for it ❤


  3. I love it when my music affects how people feel…

    ” i was stress w/ finals but your music relaxes me so much!!”

    “OMG!You are amaziing! i can’t believe that a person can play like that. I hope play like that some day in the future. There soo many feellings in this song that i don’t have words to tell you how beautiful it’s your interpretacion (i don’t now if is good the word xd).You are amazing, i already listen all the song of your channel and they sooooo beautiful. You make happy thisFeña :)” 


  4. Comments on Onew’s In Your Eyes…

    ” beautiful cover, i can hear onew singing :)”

    ” I love it!! ❤ It's like I can hear Onew singing hehe"

    " this is so beautiful, like truly beautiful. ToT the best piano version of the song out there. i seriously want to huddle in a corner and cry my heart out. it's just magnificent and everything. i must agree. i love how i can hear Onew singing as well. T^T"

    A total of 5 people remarked that they could hear singing….including my hubby (who didn't even know who Onew was at that time!) ….wow, shivers down my spine….


  5. And when piano teachers use my sheets for their students, it’s such a big compliment! This one was for Stand Up, my cover with the most views.

    ” Thank you so much for covering! My pupils are fond of playing this piece!”


  6. I am so honoured when someone wants to perform my transcriptions for recitals and competitions and even piano exams. This is from one if them…

    ” I love these song very much and I want to play these  for my school musical competition .Can you send me the piano sheet please ?”

    “Ah, hello again ^^I just wanted to thank you again for the sheet music! It’s really good! If it’s alright I think I’m going to use your piece for my final music exam..I’ll definitely credit you!”

    Thank you so much! I’m polishing it off right now, your music is really well transcribed! It’s hard to find sheet music that doesn’t just have simple block chords in the left hand, and I’m terrible at coming up with that stuff myself eheheh xD Thank you for everything and your support! You’ll be the first to know of the result!”


  7. And from another YouTuber who is an awesome pianist…

    ” Hi,I watched your videos recently and they are really cool!You can play very elegant and beautiful and I love the way you play the piano! You have great controll over your finger!How long have you been playing?So here is a big like and a huge compliment for your great work :)Keep going!”

    Compliment indeed! I checked out his videos and he has great music and talent. Our styles are very different…his is very energetic and virtuosic. Very creative compositions 🙂


  8. This is from a fan who by now has exchanged a fair number of emails with me and has become a dear friend 🙂 She’s generous with her praise and encouragement and i look forward to her sweet natured and chatty emails. Will be posting more of her comments 🙂

    Just wanted to say that I love the way you play the piano… it somehow brings me peace. I’ve been listening to your transcriptions for the past hour~ so I wanted to thank you for putting these up ^^ Keep up the good work!!


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