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  1. Hi Joyce,

    I really really love your piano covers. There’s been a beautiful OST in my mind recently, called Kind of Love. Its Mother OST, sung by Seungkwan of Seventeen, and I was wondering if you could make a piano sheet for it.

    Honestly, Mother’s OST are such beautiful pieces of music, but unfortunately my music level is just.. xD crap. I managed to figure out some parts here and there, but never as accurately and as beautifully as yours.

  2. Joyce, thank you for your music. I am trying to buy a few sheets from musicnotes, but since I am from Sweden the purchase will not go through. Can I donate directly to your homepage and you send me the sheets instead?
    Thank you in advance,


  3. Hi Joyce,
    I love your covers! Can you do one of Despacito, the one with Justin Bieber?

  4. hi joyce could you plz do Give your heart a Break by Demi Lovato,

  5. Hi there! South Africa here- Cape Town!
    I was wondering if you could help us out and create an easier version of Uptown Funk (pharell) and or Sing (Ed Sheeran) for piano with chords please?

    Is this something you could do?

  6. could you plz do an easier version of fight song, thanks

  7. Hi Joyce ! Could you please make a cover of Bts Love yourself highlight reel 轉..thanks so much !

  8. Hi Joyce, I realize some of your sheet music for english songs were taken down due to copyright claims, is there any chance you still have the sheets for All of Me by John Legend?

  9. Hi Joyce, I wan to ask that if I write a cover about a singer song like you, do i need to hv their copyright? I hv use the musescore to write a pieces but i dont know i can post it on youtube channel or not. THANKS for inspiring me and would glad to hear other good pieces from you in future hahaha.

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