About Me

Here’s a little info about me…just in case you’re curious :-p

I’ve been learning piano since I was 5, have been teaching since I was 15 and have loved everything about it…yes, even the students who should be practising a lot more 😉

If you would like a friendly, lively and very experienced piano teacher, do email me at joycemusic1@gmail.com 🙂 We can discuss lessons.

Since I got a smartphone a few years ago, I’ve been teaching my students to play their favorite music from YouTube. That got me started on transcribing and making my own piano covers for YouTube. My very first cover, You’re My Spring from Secret Garden, was uploaded on July 7, 2012. I discovered new talent in myself and now love doing this 🙂 In 2013, on the suggestion of my hubby, I started a Transcription Service  that is now, happily, doing well.

My family has been a wonderful help and support throughout. My darling hubby handles all the recording and technical stuff that makes all this possible, and is infinitely loving, even when I spend hours transcribing and practising :-p My daughter loves Kpop and is a fountain of information about it. My son is a gamer…and is the reason for my covers of Skyrim’s beautiful music. Much love and many thanks to them :-*

And a great, great THANK YOU to my students and YouTube viewers who, with their praise and sheet requests, have been such an encouragement to me to continue making covers and transcriptions!

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167 Replies to “About Me”

  1. Hey Joyce! Just wanted to say you’re awesome! I’ve got a song for you. I can’t find this sheet music anywhere so I was hoping you could help 🙂
    The other shore – Aly & Fila


  2. Hi, I have a question: Do you offer a easier arrangement of “Stay with Me” by Sam Smith. I´m just a beginner and I want to learn this song. I love your touch on the piano – it looks so easy..I´m looking after easy songs which I could learn – perhaps you can recomend some? Sorry for my English
    BG, Gerd


    1. Sorry, I didn’t make an Easy Piano version for that song, but you can simplify it quite easily 🙂 There are basically just 3 chords to play in the LH. You’ll see the chord symbols I’ve included in the music (just play these notes in the LH – for Am – play A & E, F – play F & C, C – play C & G). For RH, just play the top note in each chord – That’s usually the melody note.

      When you get better in future, see if you can play the arrangement as written 🙂


  3. Hi Joyce! Your cover for All of Me is fantastic! I was looking for the sheet but its not available.. I’m learning from the keyboard n I wanna play that song for my 10th year wedding anniversary for my wife.. I have zero experience n talent thou.. Hopefully I can learn from your score.. Can I buy it from u? Is there a simplified version for complete idiots to playing?


  4. What a lucky day for me to have found this website of yours. Thanks so much for sharing your music. All the best


      1. Wow, this is perhaps the prettiest thing I’ve seen in a long time. The flower pot breads are just darling and such a labor of love too. Thanks so much for sharing this unique idea … its a first for me! 🙂


  5. Hi Joyce,
    I love your website. Thank you for making your music public domain. I would like to donate but the donate page will not let me enter a donation amount. Can you rectify that? Thank you again!


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