About Me

Here’s a little info about me…just in case you’re curious :-p

I’ve been learning piano since I was 5, have been teaching since I was 15 and have loved everything about it…yes, even the students who should be practising a lot more 😉

If you would like a friendly, lively and very experienced piano teacher, do email me at joycemusic1@gmail.com 🙂 We can discuss lessons.

Since I got a smartphone a few years ago, I’ve been teaching my students to play their favorite music from YouTube. That got me started on transcribing and making my own piano covers for YouTube. My very first cover, You’re My Spring from Secret Garden, was uploaded on July 7, 2012. I discovered new talent in myself and now love doing this 🙂 In 2013, on the suggestion of my hubby, I started a Transcription Service  that is now, happily, doing well.

My family has been a wonderful help and support throughout. My darling hubby handles all the recording and technical stuff that makes all this possible, and is infinitely loving, even when I spend hours transcribing and practising :-p My daughter loves Kpop and is a fountain of information about it. My son is a gamer…and is the reason for my covers of Skyrim’s beautiful music. Much love and many thanks to them :-*

And a great, great THANK YOU to my students and YouTube viewers who, with their praise and sheet requests, have been such an encouragement to me to continue making covers and transcriptions!

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167 Replies to “About Me”

  1. Yes!!! please make a cover of korean drama Healer’s OST (Ben-You) please i really want to play that song but i’m not pro like you….. and and i heard from my piano teacher your a sabahan me too if i had a chance i would really like to meet you ><!!! please if you can spare your little time for us k-drama fans THANK YOU!!!!! ❤


  2. Hi,Joyce~you are so generous that you share your piano sheet for everyone who love the music or for someone who need it. =)
    Recently,I fell in love with korean drama ‘s OST Ben-You,and I had try hard for my left hand,but it can’t complete with my right hand,could you try this song’s sheet for me?
    From Taiwan,
    your fan,Amy


    1. Yes, please 🙂 Great song, and I’m sure you’ll do a great job of writing the score for it. Heard your other works, so awesome and it doesn’t sound “tacky” if you get what I mean!


  3. Hi Joyce! Thanks for all d great videos…I’ve enjoyed dem a lot as well as your piano sheets..Just wondering whether u can do a cover for Healer’s(k-drama) ost (particularly Highlight, Eternal love and You? I’ve searched thru d internet and nothing comes close and precise as to your previous covers. With your skills, d cover would be awesome!


  4. Hello Joyce, my name is Rio wright. I am 13 years old. It is a privilege to talk to the famous Joyce Leong ! All my life i wanted to play musical instrument. At eight i started playing trumpet. i played it until i was 12 then i stopped.Then i started playing piano because a got a keyboard last Christmas.I started to practice. i eventually started to get better so i search out for piano tutorials. i searched and searched for piano tutorials for advance players but i couldn’t find any, until i found yours. Your piano tutorials really helped me improve so much in music and i am so grateful.Thankful


  5. Hi miss Joyce, I just want to recognize you for all the sheets youve done.. thanks for those free downloadable sheets,…to say the truth …I have a collection of them, because youre an amazing pianist…I want to learn more about piano, Ive been playing that for 6 years… and if you dont mind…can i have a music sheet request?..i find it really hard to play..PSY’s GANGNAM STYLE, i know its about 3 years ago, and i still cant play it…i Hope that..theres a response from you miss joyce…hope that you can do some covers of these, and some sheets too…its your choice anyways..

    from The Phillipine Islands


  6. Hi Joyce. I am a korean drama lover since i first watched The King 2 Hearts in 2012.
    As I am also a music lover, i always download piano sheet of the kdrama ost.
    I loved the ost from The King 2 Hearts – Love is Crying by K.Will.
    Hope that you can make this piano sheet.
    Support and thanks!!!


  7. just wanted to say thank you for your sheet music for john legend’s “all of me” 🙂 It’s very nicely done, and i’m finally able to sing and play it, thanks to your amazing transcription…… thanks so much for your hard work! Can’t imagine how long it must have taken.

    From canada.


    1. Hello Alex, you’re most welcome 🙂 Took a few days to transcribe then the rest of the week to practise, edit, record and upload 🙂 It’s always a labor of love.


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