John Legend – All Of Me

This beautiful song that many of my viewers have requested, comes from John Legend’s album, Love in the Future, which was released in 2013. It was dedicated to his wife, model Chrissy Teigen. Hope you all enjoy singing to this instrumental. I certainly enjoyed creating it :) I’ll be making the piano solo sometime soon (most likely in both Advanced and Easier versions), so stay tuned.

To view my YouTube cover, click
all of me inst

To view and download the music sheets, click all-of-me-singalong.pdf

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Frozen – Love Is An Open Door

This is the fourth song from Frozen that I’ve covered so far….and the shortest :p
Anna bumps (literally) into Hans on the day of Elsa’s coronation and the two seem to get along like a house on fire. This song is the (rather goofy) love duet between them. :)

To view the Advanced Version, click
Open door advanced

To view the Easier Version, click
open door easier

To view and download the music sheets, click love_is_an_open_door_-_advanced.pdf
For sheets of the Easier Version, click love-is-an-open-door-easier-version.pdf

To view the original video, click

open door

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Love Is An Open Door! You asked for it, so I’ve started on it…Actually, about halfway through :-)


Guide to pedaling

Some viewers have asked me to put pedaling marks into my scores. I would prefer not to for these reasons:

1. Different pianos/keyboard require different amounts of pedaling depending on their sonority (how loud they naturally are) and even depending on where they are played (a soundproof padded studio needs more pedaling than a hall that sends echoes bouncing around)
2. It’ll take even longer for me to produce a transcription/cover than it already takes!

So here are some guides to pedaling. Change pedal:
1. When the chord changes
2. When there are many right hand notes within the same chord and it sounds messy if you pedal the whole lot;
3. At rests (you want to hear a break in sound, so change pedal to cut off the notes before it);
4. At staccato notes, either leave out the pedal or pump the pedal (change at every note.

Hope this helps!


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